i am trying to generate unique value for 10 columns in a table.
for that i used hash function.

but hash function is returning same value for both the strings.

ex :-
DBMS_UTILITY.get_hash_value ('150/65271/5/3//44335/M/3//19830221000000/19830327000000/11697/121702/291701//1/19830221000000/19830327000000//8/10890/18/1222841', 37 , POWER(2,16)-1) hash_val,
DBMS_UTILITY.get_hash_value ('150/110293/5/7//78374/164 Titles/7//20140101000000/20140930000000/67226/172168/613129//2/20140101000000/20140930000000//8/509/43/1783801', 37 , POWER(2,16)-1) hash_val1
from dual;

can any one please suggest how can i generate Unique value?.