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    Unanswered: LOAD_SCRIPT and deletion of log files

    Gents, I have a strange (to me anyway) issue.

    I have a job (JOB A) that calls a number of different jobs. One of these called jobs (JOB B) has the following step:

    #================================================= ================
    # STEP 05. Load into staging table
    #================================================= ================
    . ${LOAD_SCRIPT}

    ...the LOAD_SCRIPT is this: LOAD_SCRIPT=${WFM_BIN}/bulkload_${TABLENAME}_ld.ksh, as you can see these simply load data via db2 load commands. In JOB B i use this: LOAD_ERR=${EDR_LOG}/${JOBNAME}_load_errors.log to capture DB2 messages. The issue is, i can delete the logs upon successful completion by putting in a rm -f command in JOB A...but, why cant i put this rm in JOB B instead?- I would like the JOB B which creates the logs to also be the job that removes them. If i do, it does not remove the only removes the logs when JOB A has the rm command. I thought maybe the LOAD_SCRIPT has a hold on the logs but i would think the ENDSTEP should be releasing it. Of course the rm command is at the very bottom of JOB B.


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