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    Unanswered: Fill up text box from value selected in combobox

    I am working with MS Access 2007. I have a table that contains student names corresponding to student IDs. I have student IDs in another relationship table and a form that has a combobox that contains all the student IDs from the relationship table. What I want to be able to do is, upon selection of a student ID from the combobox, another text box in the same form will be automatically filled up with the student name by looking up the student table. I have been trying to achieve this since last night so any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks

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    The easiest way is to include the student name in the RowSource for the combo box, and then use the AfterUpdate event to drop the name relating to the selected ID into the text box.
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    Thank you very much for your reply. But I was wondering how to do this using recordset and writing select code since I have to do this for a couple of other text boxes on the form. Thank you again

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    create a query which returns the student ID (the primary key of students) and the student name as say LastName & "," & Forename
    set the sort order to be the newly created name
    SELECT studentID, LastName & "," & Forename & ";" & Title as FullName from Students
    ORDER by StudentsName
    change the table name and column names to be whatever they are in your application


    plonk the students table inot the query designer
    pull the primary key into one column, then in the next column
    FullName: LastName & "," & Forename & ";" & Title
    set the sort to be ASC under the FullnameColumn

    save the query

    then use that query as the source for your combo boxes

    if you need the students full name in say reports then JOIN the query to the other tables
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    Thank you very much

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