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Thread: ddlgen problem

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    Unanswered: ddlgen problem

    I am writing a migration script and need to use sybase ddlgen tool to extract database object definitions. The tool is not generating ddl correctly for tables with identity column. Has anyone stumbled on the problem and is there any solution or ways around it.

    This is how the DDL is been generated. In this example CustomerID is meant to be an identity column in the source database.

    create table Customer (
    CustomerID numeric(10,0) null,
    constraint pk primary key (CustomerID)


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    I have no problem extracting object definition on one of my table with identity column using ddlgen utility. I'm running ase version 12.5.3 on win2k3 platform.

    I'm using this syntax : ddlgen.bat -U<UserID> -S<DBName> -P<Password> -TU -Ndbo.<TableName> -D<DBName> -XOU -O<generated output file>

    were you able to resolve your problem?

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