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    Unanswered: ORACLE restore - how to restore specific .bkp file?

    I just started working with oracle and I have some issue. My database is NONARCHIVELOG mode. I made two backups: they are at locations:



    I want to restore second file from 7th April. I read some guide on: - Oracle Backup and Recovery using RMAN - Part III

    but I can not find command how to specify restore command with specific backup files from these two (or more). It does not say on this link and on other links I read. I want to use it with RMAN commands.
    what will be the commands to restore my older backup?

    I found

    RMAN> restore database;

    but how it will know what file to restore? Also does it always need to restore spfile and control file because I did not create some additional backups (just ran command backup database) so I am little confused when it says that I need to run restore sp file and restore control file.

    I suppose this is quite easy question but I could find some good explanations.
    So just to simplify - how to restore my specific bkp file using RMAN?
    Thank you!!

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    The Oracleฎ Database Backup and Recovery Reference is the manual you might be looking for (all syntax graphs are included there);

    In your case it would be:

    restore database from
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