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    Talking New to the forum- questions regarding class project

    Thank you
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    Approximate cost?
    Anywhere from 0 to 20,000.

    It can be [practically] free if you do all the work yourself. There are lots of open source and free products that can achieve various aspects of what you want.

    Finding one of these that ticks all the boxes: highly unlikely.

    If you want to pay someone else to do the work then it depends if that is Dave-from-down-the-pub who reckons he can knock it up in an afternoon for you. A lot of my income over the last year has been fixing these kinds of messes

    A professional web design company who has done a project like this before would be your best port of call. For instance; who developed the sites that you have linked to? Might be a good idea to enquire with those people, who know just how much time/effort/cost their solution took. In theory, if a company has already done something like this before, their cost will be cheaper than a from-scratch, bespoke solution.

    Not a simple question and certainly not a simple answer
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