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    Unhappy Unanswered: Count in Access SQL 2003

    I am trying to count the number of days with two different activities (1,2). Even though there are more than one activity at different positions in a day it should count it as one day. For example,

    01 Apr 2008 2 0719.670S 15103.090E
    01 Apr 2008 1 0721.580S 15056.610E
    01 Apr 2008 1 0726.800S 15058.780E
    02 Apr 2008 2 0745.030S 15100.200E
    02 Apr 2008 1 0745.700S 15104.560E
    06 Apr 2008 2 0633.590S 15048.010E
    07 Apr 2008 2 0622.300S 15055.910E
    08 Apr 2008 2 0512.970S 15317.750E
    09 Apr 2008 2 0439.940S 15554.010E
    10 Apr 2008 2 0229.710S 15431.100E
    12 Apr 2008 2 0312.860S 14713.160E

    The answer I need should be 8 days.

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    Is that a string of text?

    If the date is always the first 11 characters, use the Left function to strip out the date as a literal, convert it to a date using a conversion function and use the DateDif function.

    You will want to use the DateDif on the Min and Max values - a "totals" query would be an option if you are using queries only.

    Not terribly efficient, but gets the job done.
    have fun!

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