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    ZenithSecure: the World's First Maximum Security Database


    ZenithSecure is the world's first security-oriented data storage platform that divides the sensitive information and then distributes it to be stored inside of multiple, geographically diverse, embedded machines. This makes it 0 day attack and brute force proof as well as physically secure. Every secret has a unique token and a user-set password associated to it so that not even the sysadmin can reach it.
    The purpose of this first of its kind security product is to provide clients with secure data storage using both hardware and software methods to achieve a maximum security data storage model.
    ZenithVault is an auxiliary storage platform meant for extremely sensitive data; not simply a replacement of a conventional SQL database.

    Advanced Secret Sharing Techniques

    Each and every secret will have a unique identifier and a password associated to it. The password is also subject to dividing so that if the attacker manages to control one of the storage servers, he will not be able to use the password to request the other parts of the secret from the other storage nodes. The password is unique for every secret, it's only known by the secret owner and it's used as the key when encrypting the secret itself. Storage nodes will not return the data back to the unsafe application unless the correct password is provided.


    ZenithVault is vastly superior to simply storing the data in your database and encrypting it with the user's password. Why? Because encryption will not defend your information against the following types of attack:
    - The attacker downloads the encrypted data and then uses "brute force" until a reversal is achieved. Smaller data sets like credit card numbers can be cracked within minutes using for example; a powerful Amazon node.
    - By applying Luhn's algorithm the hashes can be collided on smaller data sets using brute force.

    ZenithVault offers security against these attacks because it completely protects the data from brute force attacks. It will stop responding when a wrong password has been entered multiple times for the same secret ID. The system will completely lock itself when this process happens for multiple IDs over a short period of time.

    Licensing and Contact

    The following licenses are available: Freeware, Enterprise and SaaS.
    Read more details on our site:

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    ZenithSecure the Worlds First Maximum Security Database

    Id like to take advantage of the combined shipping if Im able to win a few of these. How do I go about that?

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