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    Unanswered: Calculate Number of Days between Dates


    How do you calculate the number of days from a status date to the current date?

    I have a “Current Status” column and a “Status Date” column in Excel (2010). I would like to see how long an item was placed in a particular status mode.

    For example, Current Status is “Work Completed” and the Status Date is 4/1/13. The next step from Work Completed is “Job Invoiced”. So, I would like to see how days this item has been in “Work Completed” status.

    I want to calculate the number of days between the “Status Date” and current date (Now).

    I hope this was not confusing.

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    does excel have either the datediff or similar function?
    Date and time functions (reference) - Excel -
    suggest not, but MS Excel: DATEDIF Function (WS) suggests Excel does
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    As Excel stores dates as numbers, you can simply subtract one date value from another. However, it also tends to set calculated cells to inherit their format from the parents, so you will need to manually change this (unless you want to see a three day period displayed as 03 Jan 1900).
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