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    Select from a locked row

    Given table and functions
    PHP Code:
    TABLE tbl(
    i integer,
    a integer,
    txt text
    sq(nRETURNS integer AS
    I() RETURNS integer AS
    SELECT i FROM tbl
        WITH ROWID 
    as R
        WHERE r 
    CURRENT_TRANSACTION.row(); -- objdescribed in DB engine
    perform statement
    PHP Code:
    2,SQ(N()),SELECT i||a WHERE i N());

    i   a   txt
    2  4   '24' 
    I find that most (all?) databases do not allow access to column values of a row under commit. I studied solutions and would like to discuss them if this subject of interest.

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    It's the ISOLATION

    In the Databases, ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) is a set of rules you should allways respect. So reading a non-commited row is a no-no behavior. It'll break the Isolation part of it. And also could break Consistency part, too.

    Only major difference between most databases is, what value you will get from a row, that is currently updated.

    * In Oracle, you got the old value.
    * In DB2, you had to wait until the lock is removed.

    Off course, if you read a row WITH UR option, you'll get non-commited data out, but answer may be pure bull...

    Cheers, Bill

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