Hi All,

I am Sumit and am new to this forum.

I have a query regarding the Databases:

I am planning to develop an Information Management System consisting of various components like Transportation System, Human Resource System, information on Salaries and accounting part, etc and all this components will be connected via Human Resource in general though there can be some independent entities as well. To do all of this I am not sure which Database should I go for as there are plenty in the Market and there are lot others which are new for me like Databases based on NoSQL, Big Data, Graph Based DB. So, I am all more confused. Here are my requirements:

1. It should be free
2. I should be able to relate the tables using Primary and Foreign Keys
3. The data will also be added up and very rarely get deleted so it might be a huge store
4. It should be reliable so that everything is stored and fast to retrieve
5. I have only used Oracle till today so for me it should give me features compared to Oracle

For now I was looking into the following DBs:
1. MySQL (InnoDB)
2. PostGRE SQL
3. Firebird
4. Neo4j

I am not particular about the above DBs as I am open to one that should be quite suitable for my case.