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    Unanswered: Microsoft Access 2007 Error: Type Conversion Failure

    Hi All

    I have few columns on CSV file one of column header is ReviewDate when I import this csv file on Microsoft Access 2007 is giving an error:ReviewDate_ImportErrors
    All the data are imported successfully but only this column ReviewDate which appears to be blank on Microsoft Access database 2007. I had the same problems with other column on csv file with dates header but I converted dates i.e 10012013=10/02/2013 and all the row work but this particular column ReviewDate still giving an error .
    Any help will be appreciated.

    Error Log
    Type Conversion Failure

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    Dates are one of the things that can cause issues in SQL

    you'd be far better to use the ISO format (which is the SQL standard): yyyy-mm-dd.

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    Hi Healdem,

    Thanks very much I will try and reformat the dates and see what happens,

    Much appreciated

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