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    Unanswered: Accessing a cTree DB..

    I am trying to access a cTree DB that we use at work and I'm wanting to be able to read the raw data.

    I've reached out to my software vendor however they don't offer any assistance on accessing the data..

    I'm working on a local centos server..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated..

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    There are multiple products that use the name C-Tree. Many of them descend from a very old MS-DOS package by the same name, but not all of them are compatible. If your vendor won't help you, you'll never be able to be certain that you have all of the correct data.

    A new vendor would be my first choice. You may have other options or requirements.

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    That's the problem.. I can't just "change" software providers because we have 5 stores (going on 6) now that are using this software..

    The software is Rx30 by Transaction Data Systems if that helps any at all..

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