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    Unanswered: Tools for Convert Oracle .dmp to MsSQL Server

    Hello everyone.
    Could you tell me please, any tools for converting oracle .dmp to MsSQL server without need Oracle or access direct to Oracle server, just from .dmp to sql server. Thx

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    You are aware that you posted in the PostgreSQL forum?
    Which has absolutely nothing to do with either Oracle or SQL Server.

    Btw: the only tools that can read a binary Oracle dump file are the Oracle tools impdb and the deprecated imp. Both need a running Oracle instance to work properly.

    So the answer to your question is a clear: no, there is no such tool.
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    This is a PostgreSQL forum =)

    The most correct but not always the easiest way is to write a migration tool (in Java for ex.).

    And the most primitive way would be to make a plain sql dump from the source database, and adapt it to the target db using massive replacement by patterns (Notepad++ would do nicely). Though this applies only to a basic table/view structure. As soon as you hit the BLOBS or database specific objects (triggers, sequences, etc.) it becomes hell.

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