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    Unanswered: Required property "<DB_NAME>" is unknown. ERRORCODE=-4222, SQLSTATE=08001

    Hi there,

    I'm having some issues when trying to connect to a remote DB2 database. The strange thing here is that sometimes it's OK but sometimes not, i.e. I cannot always reproduce this behaviour.

    Caused by: ion: [jcc][t4][10380][11951][3.64.114] Required property "<DB_NAME>" is unknown host. ERRORCODE=-4222, SQLSTATE=08001

    Where DB_NAME is the name of my host. The address can be resolved always using ping and nslookup. As I said, this only occurs from time to time. Does anyone know this issue? Maybe some configuration restriction on the number of active connections or X connections in a time bucket policy?

    I'm new to DB2.



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    try ip-address instead... dns is excluded in that case
    check with network-team
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    Hi! Thanks for the reply.

    I found out yesterday that the problem was the database resolving the address name. The confusion for me was the need of the database to translate the name and not only who starts the connection, but there must be a good explanation for that

    Thanks again.


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