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    Unanswered: Access 2007: Records duplicated in query results

    I have a simple database which is basically a list of company documentation. One of the fields is a drop down menu for the document status as in: published (on the intranet), archived etc. There is also an autonumber field so that each record can be uniquely identified.

    I want to make a report to show all 'published' documents, however duplicate data has appeared in the query and is therefore showing in my report. It is definitely duplicated at the query level because the autonumber appears in duplicate (and triplicate) for various records, but not all and not in the table. I did also try deleting the duplicate record but this only deleted the original record from the table.

    I have only basic knowledge of Access and I do not know any SQL. Please can someone tell me how to fix this or what I am doing wrong!

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    Check your joins

    Can we have a look at the query show us the sql
    hope this help

    See clear as mud

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    Do you meant the SQL view of the query?

    SELECT [Document Database].[ID], [Document Database].[Date Requested], [Document Database].[Requested by], [Document Database].[Document title], [Document Database].[Doc Code], [Document Database].[V], [Document Database].[Status], [Document Database].[Remove from cirulation], [Document Database].[Doc ID], [Document Database].[ISO code], [Document Database].[Division], [Document Database].[Document type], [Document Database].[Priority], [Document Database].[Divisional S/O needed?], [Document Database].[Divisional S/O], [Document Database].[Compliance S/O needed?], [Document Database].[Compliance S/O], [Document Database].[ISO S/O needed?], [Document Database].[ISO S/O], [Document Database].[Legal S/O needed?], [Document Database].[Legal S/O], [Document Database].[Completed], [Document Database].[Go live date], [Document Database].[Notes], [Document Database].[Attachments], [Document Database].[Attachments].[FileData], [Attachments].[FileFlags] AS Expr1, [Document Database].[Attachments].[FileName], [Attachments].[FileTimeStamp] AS Expr2, [Document Database].[Attachments].[FileType], [Attachments].[FileURL] AS Expr3, [Document Database].[File location], [Document Database].[PDF], [Document Database].[Fillable PDF], [Document Database].[Q4 2012 Rebrand], [Document Database].[Last updated]
    FROM [Document Database]
    WHERE ((([Document Database].[Status])="published"));

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    Is this query built on top of another query?

    If so we'll need to SQL view of that too!

    ....and any queries that's based on too, etc, etc
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    I just have the table with all the data in it ("Document Database"), then a very simple query to find all records from that table where the "status" field is marked "published" that is it! No queries on queries. I used the query wizzard and have also tried making one from scratch. Same result with some random duplications here and there....

    I have made other similar queries to separate out single fields, some work with no duplication and others dont. I am stuck as to why this is happening.

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