I have an app that is becoming sluggish in response. The MS Access DB has 6000 clients and 100K reports. I have two questions:

1. Would poor online access be more the fault of the access db limitations or is it server performance related.

2. If its access related what would take to export the tables from ACCESS and Import into MYSQL or SQL. And what would i need to change code wise to refer to this new connection.

A sample of the current code
Set Rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet")
sSQL = "SELECT tblSamples.JobID, tblJobs.Date, tblCustomers.COCNAME1, tblJobs.CustomerJobID, tblSamples.SampleID, tblSamples.Description, tblJobs.SampleCount, tblJobs.Approval1, tblJobs.Approval2"
sSQL = sSQL & " FROM (tblCustomers INNER JOIN tblJobs ON tblCustomers.CustomerID = tblJobs.CustomerID) INNER JOIN tblSamples ON tblJobs.JobID = tblSamples.JobID"
sSQL = sSQL & where
sSQL = sSQL & " ORDER BY tblSamples.JobID, tblSamples.SampleID"

Rs.Open sSQL, connMDB, 3, 3