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    Unanswered: primary key clustered


    I have a question.

    Is good practice use primary key clustered on every table on database?I'm going to use replication database and it is very important that data not have repeat.

    I greet.

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    PRIMARY KEY is very important... CLUSTERED is a different issue and may or may not be applicable.

    PRIMARY KEY is a logical issue, declaring which of the possible ALTERNATE KEY values the database architect deems to be the "primary" key for that table. This is what enforces uniqueness, which is important for logical design and crucial for replication.

    CLUSTERED determines what controls the order of rows within the table storage. Depending on your schema design, the order of the rows can have trivial or massive effect on the database query performance.

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    Save the cluster for the important stuff

    Any PRIMARY KEY will assure uniqueness. A clustered index is best used for columns that you use for aggregations or sequences enough of the time to justify it.

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    I would add that any large transactional table should have a clustered index, otherwise the scattered disk IO will kill application performance.
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