I'm trying to add up 4 Annual Totals but it doesn't seem to be working. The report accepts the expression but in the box it says '#Name?'.

The expression:
=([a_qry_AnnualTarget AllProducts]![a_qry_AnnualTarget S]![SumOfPoints_Annual_Target]+[a_qry_AnnualTarget AllProducts]![a_qry_AnnualTarget P]![SumOfPoints_Annual_Target]+[a_qry_AnnualTarget AllProducts]![a_qry_AnnualTarget L]![SumOfPoints_Annual_Target]+[a_qry_AnnualTarget AllProducts]![a_qry_AnnualTarget I]![SumOfPoints_Annual_Target])
Anybody know a fix?

I also have 1 more thing:
I've made a query that is used as the field source by 4 queries. Now in my final query which adds up the sums of those 4 queries only 1 of them shows their fields when I'm trying to make it. When I first create the final query none of the queries showed their fields but then 1 did when I tried it again. Now I keep doing it but nothing works :/ Anybody know what's going on?