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    Unanswered: TNS:lost contact while login as sysdba

    ORA-12547: TNS:lost contact

    Identify the issue
    truss -aefo sqlplus.trc sqlplus /nolog
    connect / as sysdba

    Cause I
    shared memory or semaphores leftover from previous instances (abnormal termination)
    ipcs -a
    remove problematic shared memory segments & semaphores
    ipcrm -m & ipcrm -s
    delete $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/lk<SID> file

    Cause II
    The /proc file system is not mounted.

    Cause III
    ulimit settings for 'open files' and 'pipe size' is very low.

    $ulimit -n 4096
    $ulimit -p 30

    Cause IV
    The stack limit is set too low.

    ulimit -s 32768

    Cause V

    Set proper LD_LIBRARY_PATH path

    Cause VI
    dbs folder missing from oracle home
    mkdir dbs and then create password & init files

    Cause VII
    Invalid env variables

    echo $ORACLE_HOME
    echo $ORACLE_SID
    echo $PATH

    Cause VIII
    Wrong file permissions

    cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin
    ls -l oracle

    chmod 6751 oracle

    or relink all

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