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    Unanswered: design simple user graphical interface for DB using C#??

    I am new here and I have a question
    it is a task for me to design simple user graphical interface for a sql database "hospital database" with c sharp
    I am beginner in c sharp and sql
    but I want a simple method for how to connect sql server to c sharp and how to design application for users to enter data in database
    Thanks so much ...

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    The answer is, it is not going to be simple, and that is why people get paid a good deal of money to accomplish these tasks. I would suggest you get the development tools installed, find some online tutorials, and find some beginner books and start reading and coding everyday. There are no short cuts to being a trained professional. When you have done this you should come back here when you have a specific problem or question.
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    first thanks for your reply
    second, actually i tried to search on the internet and downloaded some videos and i know not professional way but enough to make connection between c sharp and database
    and also made buttons on forms on c sharp
    all i want now is just to know how to make users can search in database
    for example they enter id and can see the information attached to this id
    and if you have any tutorial or books can help me please share the link .
    I know it needs someone prof in c sharp and in coding and i am beginner and now i am actually downloaded books in c sharp but i just need something to help me in that task until i reach the level to can make that prof.
    anyway many thanks for you to reply my question ^^

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