Aloha !

Well, I have not posted on DB Forums in a really long time, but I figured that since it was so very useful for us in the past in solving problems, maybe we can try our luck at solving another type of problem.

We,, are a technology based non profit org. Self funded with NO Government grants (your tax dollars). You can check out our full website, News links, awards, articles about us, and the various projects we have. We work with low income families and many other non profit orgs and help get free computers into the hands of people that would otherwise never be able to afford them.

So far we have donated out over 900 free computers. We currently have about 600 computes in inventory. Our single biggest obstacle is that as we get more and more larger corporate donations of computers, they are of course pulling out the hard drives because they are required to (depending on sector - banking, medical, etc) Our last 3 large donations were 485 computers, 165 computers and 75 computers. From all of those we only got 100 hard drives. So in essence we are paying money each month to store computers that we can not finish and give away.

This has turned into a continuous ongoing need for us.
We can use anything 40 gig or larger. If you have extra hard drives and are willing to ship them to Hawaii, we will gladly accept them and put them to good use. And rest assured, Our SOP's require us to do a full drive wipe. If you want we can provide you the software and instructions how to do it before you send them.

Please visit our website, contact us and we will tell you our best site to ship them to at that time (we have 5 locations)


PS. Now, to all of the people that always write with posts of tons of suggestions and telling us what we should do instead, to get drives. We have been doing this for 7 years. There are not many options left for us that we have not already tried - as we are one of - if not the largest - organization in Hawaii to be doing what we do, we have tried a LOT of options already. We have maxed out many of our local resources.

So here are some things to head off your suggestions :

1) "You should contact Seagate or WD !"
We did, several times of the past 5 years. Seagate and Western Digital have posted clearly on their websites, that they only make donations to non profit orgs that are within 50 miles of their factories.

2) "You should contact your local recyclers."
We did... we ARE one of the local recyclers. The others guys get paid by the pound for E-waste and they have no intentions to give us hardware, especially hard drives that are heavy and they get paid well for. About every 3 months i contact them begging for spare parts. They don't care. We represent a reduction to their income.

3) "You should get listed as referrals on others websites or even the city or states official recycling website."
We are. It generates a LOT of traffic for us. We are the top listing on the County recycling option.
Electronic Waste :: City & County of Honolulu, Department of Environmental Services

4) "You should try Craigslist."
We post on craigslist on a regular basis. Each time we ask for hard drives, we get more full computer systems as donations. Nice problem to have. But very rarely just plain hard drives.