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    Unanswered: Data base Performance

    Hi ,

    We are working for MNC and we have a local server with SQL Server Database on which we design reorts For MIS.
    Capaclity of Hard disk on server is 800 GB and mostly only 150 GB space remain in hard disk. So may i knw low space is the reason for slow Database Performance because query are runing very slow nowadays and if it is true then which kind of action we should perform on database to improve speed of query processing.

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    Low disk space is not normally a bottleneck. Have you looked at CPU usage, Disk I/O, and Memory pressure? Have you checked to see if there are queues building on the CPU, or the disks? How do these performance metrics hold up against your baseline? Have you checked to see if there are long running queries that can be tuned? Are your index statistics up to date? Do you have appropriate indexes on the tables?

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    Attempt to find the slowest running queries and check the execution plans. Apply some optimisation on the queries ,

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