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    Question Unanswered: Previous record in query

    Can anyone help me? I added a database.

    place, time, gap, matches what I need in query
    11, a, a, a
    12, b, S, a
    13, c, S, a
    14, d, S, a
    15, e, S, a
    16, f, S, a
    17, g, g, g
    18, h, h, h
    19, i, S, h
    20, j, S, h
    21, k, S, h
    22, l, S, h
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    Can you elaborate a bit more about your requirement
    how do you know which is the approrpiate 'previous' record
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    How can I put loop into that formula so every time when in "gap" column field is "S" ("Same" in an attachement, it takes one field up till it's not "S" ("Same").

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