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    Unanswered: Oracle 11g 64 bit client

    I have been working on installing the 64 bit client on a windows 2008 R2 server, to connect to sql. I had the 32 bit client installed not realizing the mismatch. I'm having a hell of a time trying to find the proper download. I searched the forums looking for someone with the same issue I found a post but they had the oracle 10g client but even that find is unavailable on oracle site.

    Any help finding the proper install and any guidance would be greatly appreciated thanks.


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    I have a suggestion; which I know will provide the desired solution.
    Obtain the basic installation package for the Standard Edition database.
    Then do a software only installation.
    A complete set of client utilities is included with every database installation.
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    I believe that this page contains what you are looking for. The second download is "Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Client ( for Microsoft Windows (x64)".

    How to get there (for future reference)?
    • OTN Downloads. Choose "Database 11g Enterprise/Standard Editions. Download page includes: Client, Clusterware, Examples, Gateways" link
    • On 11g page, locate " Microsoft Windows (x64) File 1, File 2 (2GB) See All" and follow the "See All" link
    • that's where is

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    The client 64 bits is in #4 file of the database "" and the 32 bits in #3 "".


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