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    Unanswered: Highlight the record in the many to many relational field

    BDB V10: I would like to highlight a particular record in the many to many relational field by script. Is there any idea?
    The purpose is I want to add new record to the many to many relational field by creating a new record through script. The created new record to be highlighted in that relational field after the process is over. Currently it is highlighting the same record it was highlighting before adding the new record in the relational field. Please note that relational field already contains some records.

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    See attached image, and database.

    I have a hidden Flag in the record that when ticked, that record will be highlighted in red when added to a many to many field.

    So when you run your script that creates a new record and adds it to your many to many. Add an additional line that sets a maths formula to the flag. Make the flag = 1

    Once you do that, you can set the Appearance Conditions in your many to many in order to have the record with a flag = 1 stand out from the other records.

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    Not sure of your reason for the highting but if you need to just know which field was last added you could add a current time and date field and sort the mm field on these to always have the new ine at top of display. Also same fields could be used in a colour rule (time/date must be within some specified range compared to current time/date).

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    Thank you James and Tamcind! Nice ideas.
    The reason for highlighting:when you add more numbers of records the user does not sure what record has been created because always new records are added at the end of the many to many field.If the user want to see the record just he has created he needs to navigate to last record and has to open. Of course we can make sure these steps through notification and message. But those all will increase the the number of steps the user has to go through. If BD brings separate script command for this it will be helpful.

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