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    Unanswered: houres counting

    please i do want to do somme calculation like : 123h34 - or + 3456h12min and have result in a text box and a table. all that in order to control MTBF(mean time between failer) of a mecanical componenent

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    Search in Access help for the DateAdd() and DateDiff functions. They also work for time-only values.
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    i did but no answer to my question

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    how is your data stored
    is it stored as decimal hours, minutes or as a string (999h99)
    the smartedt woudlbe as noMinutes, and then format that as required

    however the fact that you are asking the question suggests to me is as a string to do that I'd probably write a function that returned the number of minutes or hours

    Public Function ConvertStringTime(TimeText As String) As Double
    'ConvertStringTime converts a string representation of hours and minute (TimeText)
    'and returns then decimal number of hours that string represents
    'TimeText inputformat is xhyy
    'where x is the number of hours can be any size and be signed, if not signed assume +ve
    'y is two digits reprsenting the number of minutes
    'the function returns a representation of that time as decimal hours
    'ferinstance 123h45 returns 123.75
      ConvertStringTime = 0 'set up our default return value
      'lets filter out duff data
      'first off if we have a null string or a string comprising less than 3 characters its duff, so can it
      If IsNull(TmeText) Or Len(TimeText) < 3 Then Exit Function
      'have they been dumb enough to supply a decimal value already
      If (Mid(TimeText, Len(TimeText) - 2, 1)) = "." Then
        If IsNumeric(TimeText) = True Then
          ConvertStringTime = CDbl(TimeText)
        End If
        Exit Function
      End If
      'OK so is it a valid format? IE has an h in 3rd right position
      If UCase(Mid(TimeText, Len(TimeText) - 2, 1)) <> "H" Then Exit Function
      'OK so are the last two characters (the minutes portion) numeric
      If IsNumeric(Right(TimeText, 2)) = False Then Exit Function
      'AND is the number of minutes valid
      If CInt(Right(TimeText, 2)) > 59 Then Exit Function
      'just in case we have 0 hours eg h56 force that to be 0h56
      If Len(TimeText) = 3 Then TimeText = "0" & TimeText
      'are the first n characters (the hours portion) numeric
      If IsNumeric(Left(TimeText, Len(TimeText) - 3)) = False Then Exit Function
      'phew, so we got to here we think timetext contains valid data
      'so convert timetext into decimal hours
      ConvertStringTime = CInt(Left(TimeText, Len(TimeText) - 3))
      'if the hour component is negative
      If ConvertStringTime < 0 Then 'subtract the minute component
        ConvertStringTime = ConvertStringTime - CDbl(Right(TimeText, 2)) / 60
      Else 'otherwise add the minute component
        ConvertStringTime = ConvertStringTime + CDbl(Right(TimeText, 2)) / 60
      End If
    End Function
    Public Function FormatToHoursMinutes(TimeValue As Double) As String
    'converts decimal hours to xxhmm
    'ferinstance 45.5 = 45h30
    Dim NoHours As Integer
    Dim NoMinutes As Integer
    NoHours = Fix(TimeValue) 'use fix to round the hours component
    NoMinutes = (Abs(TimeValue) - Abs(NoHours)) * 60 'find the minutes component (but alwasy use a positive number
    FormatToHoursMinutes = NoHours & "H" & Format(NoMinutes, "00")
    End Function
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