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    Unanswered: Automatically adding blank lines in text file

    I have a table called ITEMSALES which I need to export from MS Access 2010 as a text file - tab delimited. How do I add a blank line in the text file when a different invoice number is listed in the invoice# field of my table? MYB requires each group of line items (records) in the table to be separated by a blank line and do not know how to do it. Someone please help!

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    how are you writing lines at present?

    I forget if VBA supports the writeln statement, but if no then you can create a blank line using carriage return and or linefeed characters which are
    ASC(10) 'new line
    ASC(13) 'carriage return
    OR use the intrinsic VB constant vbcrlf or vbNewLine
    vbCrLf and vbNewLine - Visual Basic - Forums at

    ASCII Table

    you will need to so some checking to find out if you need both or just one will do. the two symbols are a hang over from the days to teletype machines.
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