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    ER scenario guidance needed

    I was given the following scenario to construct an ER diagram from:

    A travel web site is being developed. This site will allow registered members to add entries for hotels where they have stayed into an online, collaborative database.

    Data held for a hotel includes the name of the hotel and full address and where possible a latitude and longitude to enable generation of an overlay for Google Earth.

    Members are identified by a unique nickname and have an email address and
    password. The interface allows a member to search for a hotel, create a new hotel if it is not already present, to view the comments and ratings that other members have made about a selected hotel and to add their own comment. A member's comment on a hotel includes a text comment and a rating from 1 to 5, and is dated.

    A web based application is to be developed primarily to be used via browsers on personal computers and tablets but eventual use by other platforms such as mobile phones should be planned for as well.

    So far I have identified these entities:

    Hotel(name#, address, Map_id)
    Members(Nickname#, email, password)
    Comment(Comment_id#, comment, Nickname)
    Rating(Rating_id#, rate, Nickname)
    Map_Overlay(Map_id#, longitude, latitude)

    The hash symbol (#) next to an attribute represents a primary key.

    I am confused as to how to represent the search, create new hotel, and Interface, and whether or not these are entities which should be considered.

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    An interesting Data Model


    I have a Data Model on my Database Answers Web Site that might be interesting for you :-
    Dezign Data Model for City Tourist Guide

    As you will see, it provides for Visitors Comments on any 'Thing of Interest' , of which Hotels are an example.


    Barry Williams

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