I am new to Crystal Report. I have implemented crystal reports in my application. The application is made using Microsoft C#. I have a problem in placing a certain fields on the report. Its for the INVOICE. The client have pre-printed Invoices on which i have to print the description, Qty, Rate and Amount.
At the bottom, On the left hand side the final amount in Words have to be printed(for e.g. Ten Thousand One Hundred for 10100). On the extreme right Total, Tax, Turnover Tax, Surcharge etc have to be printed but in separate line.

I have put Description, Qty, Rate and Amount in Details section on the report. However where should i place the other fields like Final amount in Words or Total or Tax etc. Please guide. Right now i have placed them on Report footer however if there are more than 3 items in Details section, the value in the fields of report section goes to new page.

Please guide
Saumik Vora