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    Unanswered: odbc connection error using mysql 3.51 driver

    I am connecting to my DB with my FedEx shipping software to pull my web order customer info and post back the tracking number. It works fine 1 time, then on the second attempt it gives me this error
    ODBC driver does not support the requested properties. (FSIO.Recordset::OpenRs)
    If I close the connection and re-open it, try again, it will work again but only 1 time then the same error on the next try. If I don't actually post back (process the label) I can pull data multiple times to the FedEx software. For example I enter orderID # 15 then clear it, enter orderID # 50, then clear it, etc. It connects fine each time but once I process the label and it posts back the tracking it won't work the next time I enter an orderID. I verified that the post back is working, the new data is in the DB. Any ideas what might be causing this? I am really new at ODBC connections, this is my first time setting one up so use "noob" language.


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    Do you close all connections and reset record set after you have performed your first iteration? It seems this is the likely source of your problem.
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    I didn't intentionally set it to do that but I think that may have been the problem, I had to go back to the admin tools and check the "automatically re-connect" box. It seems to be working fine now. Thanks for getting back to me.

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