Hello, I am VERY new to MS Access and my first project is a large one. If you are able to help me with the following questions, please keep in mind that you have to explain it "for dummies" !

Question 1

One table contains UserID and information related to the user. Another table has been created and will be populated by a form. Basically the form asks approx 65 questions and I need the answers (for each question) to populate the table, so 65 records of data.

From everything I have read, for me to be able to pull all of the answers linked to the UserID (the person answering the questions), the UserID has to be in the table with each record. How do I link the UserID to each line automatically.

To give you a bigger picture, I will have 5 users going into the database daily to answer the questions and I will need to link the user ID to each of the answers selected by each user. Over time, there will be thousands of records and I need to pull stats by UserID. Makse sense?

Question 2

How do I create the form so that the answers to each question creates 65 separate records. Do I have to create a save buttom after each question?

I hope I have provided enough information. If not, please let me know.