Hey guys and gals of DBforums! So I recently inherited an Access database, and I'm trying to work with it the best I can, considering my lack of Access experience. The previous guy was handed the DB from someone else as well, so its pretty much this ancient thing that no one has been willing to try and fix yet. This is why I come to the wonderful DBforums. I created an imgur album kind of going over how it is used, located at DBhelprequest - Imgur, but I'll try and do it again here. Then hopefully someone can tell me if I'm able to reduce my workload through a macro or something.

This database is used to generate a simple webpage, which creates a sign-off form, consisting of an item and a input box. There are four main tables called Lists, ListItems, ListGroups, and ListGroupMembers.

ListsItems: these are individual items which need to be signed off on, and will be associated to a group from the Lists table.

Lists: These are the subgroups of the ListGroups. Each item on the Lists table will have multiple entries related to it from the ListItems table.

ListGroups: The major groups, identifying a group, which contains multiple entries from List.

ListGroupMemebers: This table is used to relate Lists to ListGroups.

For example ListGroups A with a uniKey of 001 will be related to the entries A1:1000, A2:2000, and A3:3000 from the Lists table, on the ListGroupMembers.

A - A1 - 1000
A - A2 - 2000
A - A3 - 3000
B - B1 - 4000

Then on ListItems, we have the following:

ObjectToBeTested1 - 1000 - uniKey
ObjectToBeTested2 - 1000 - uniKey
ObjectToBeTested3 - 2000 - uniKey

Most the information is static on the tables. On the List page, I copy and paste the last 33 entries, then modify the date for the current month/year. ListsGroups just requires copying and pasting the last 14 entries, modifying the date and checking off a check box. ListGroupMembers is updated with the unikeys generated from the new data on the List and ListGroups tables. Finally ListItems I have to modify some thousand entries with the new unikey from the List page. Most of this is simple find/replace or copy paste, but takes a few hours.

I have to update these pages manually, adding each line, and making sure to assign the appropriate key with each entry. Its a pretty long process, and I need to do this twice a month! I'm hoping that a macro or something might be a solution to reducing this task into a few quick steps or clicks of a button. My Access knowledge is limited, but I do have programming experience. I'd greatly appreciate anyone pointing me into the right direction, or offering up some knowledge that may make this archaic database update a little easier.

Imgur Album: DBhelprequest - Imgur