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    Unanswered: How to return customized format in PL/SQL?

    I'm writing a stored function called MAKE_EMAIL that will accept input arguments for first name and lastname and will return a varchar2 value containing the email address in the form of first initial of the firstname followed by the full last name followed by

    Ex: Calling select make_email('Edward','Souza')from dual would return the single value: ''

    Here is what I have come up with:

    create or replace function MAKE_EMAIL(lastname varchar2(10),firstname varchar(10))
    return VARCHAR IS
    f_name VARCHAR;
    l_name VARCHAR;
    Could anyone please help me how to achieve the goal? I'm new in PL/SQL.

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    There are some books you should read before you start coding. Have a look at the Most popular section.

    Your first reading should be the "Concepts" book. Then combine knowledge gathered in "PL/SQL User's Guide and Reference", "Application Developer's Guide - Fundamentals" and "SQL Reference"

    Because, you came up with nothing. The fact that you are new to PL/SQL makes no difference. Spoonfeeding is counter-productive.

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