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    Unanswered: need to change Sybase credetials ......can you help me out..


    I'm new in Netcool omnibus Sybase server.... I need to change Sybase database instance credentials ...How can I change?where can I get configuration files and It's details...I'm using Unix remote server

    If I change credentials in Sybase server..Is it chance to revert back the credentials If any issue occur

    It is very useful if you post your valuable inputs..Pls help me out .

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    Hai krishnach,

    which sybase instance credentials you want to change? tel me that then i wl let u knw.

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    Hai Arpitha,

    You are right...I need to change Sybase instance credentials(I think here instance is nothing but Database right ,Sry..I'm new to Sybase and database technologies)... We are using IBM Netcool omnibus with Sybase.... I need to change those credentials

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    Unless you are a system administrator for Unix, Sybase, or both then I'd assume that the change you need is a Sybase credential change initiated from the client machine or session. If creating users, managing disk, and granting and revoking permissions aren't part of your daily job then I'm pretty sure that you have misinterpreted the request.

    If I'm correct, then "changing credentials" means that you need to log into Sybase using a different username and password. My first guess is that you are trying to use Netcool to store data on the Sybase server, and that the user/password combination you used to connect to the Sybase server does not have sufficient permissions to store the information for Netcool.

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