I have two separate tables where orders are saved. The first table contains the order header mainly the order number, order date, client’s name, salesman name, despatch date, credit days, credit limit and order notes etc.. The other table contains the details of the orders such as the code, item description, the quantity, the price.

Both tables are linked through a common field i.e order number. Now I need to create a form using a list box displaying the orders taken for the day. The list box should contain the order number, customer’s name and town.
From the list generated in the list box I need to able to select one or more and for the ones selected a report is generated having each order on separate page. Thus giving the individual the possibility to print the orders he /she wants. Eventually the report will be printed into a pdf file and emailed.

The tables layout is as follows :

- OrderNumber
- OrderDate
- CustomerName
- Town
- OrderNotes
- SalespersonName
- DispatchDate

- OrderNumber
- Shortname
- Description
- PriceLevel
- UnitPrice