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    Unanswered: Full Text Search does not return expected results on production server


    I have a FullTextSQLQuery which I am trying to search a phrase(The Multi-part identifier) on full text indexed table. I am getting expected results on running the below sql query on QA machine and PreProduction servers, but not getting the same results on our development and production servres as even though same code running.

    SELECT DISTINCT TOP 50 c.case_id,c.status_id,cal.cas_details
    FROM g_case_action_log cal (READUNCOMMITTED)
    INNER JOIN g_case c (READUNCOMMITTED) ON (cal.case_id = c.case_id)
    INNER JOIN CONTAINSTABLE(es.g_case_action_log, cas_details,
    ' "The multi-part identifier" OR "<br>The multi-part identifier" OR
    "The multi-part identifier<br>" ') as key_tbl
    ON cal.log_id = key_tbl.[key]
    ORDER By c.case_id DESC
    We are using SqlServer 2008 R2 version on all servers.

    Has anyone got any tips to resolve the issue.


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    Usual questions:

    Does the string "The mult-part identifier" exist in the produxction data set?
    Is the database set to some case sensitive collation?
    And since I have been away from FTI for a while, do you need to rebuild, or re-index the FTIs?

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