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    Unanswered: Looking to Build Small Point of Sale App for Family Business

    I'm a Comp Sci student that works a lot with Access/VBA/SQL for my part time job at my uni.

    I would like to make my parents a Point of Sale application using Access for their small take out food business, but I'm worried about a few things.

    I was wondering if someone with some kind of experience in POS systems would be able to help me out with these questions:

    1. How well does Access "pair up" with devices such as a receipt printer and a cash till to connect to?

    2. Are there any sort of Tax/legal issues with me creating this for for my parents (since I would be making the receipts and keeping track of the orders in the database).

    3. Is this something realistically doable? I mean I've completed quite a few projects with access forms with a lot of coding in VBA. I've never tried to make a POS system completely though.

    Thank you for your time.

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    1. Some ticket printers offer a special feature that allow to operate a cash till: you "print" a special character (or sequence of characters) and, in response, the printer produces an electric signal that can be used (possibly amplified) to command a relay that opens the till (Epson had such models several years ago).

    2. Not sure what rules apply where you live. I developed such a system in a Western European country many years ago (1995 for the first version) and encountered very few legal problems. For every of them a solution could be found.

    3. Surely yes. The system I developed was for my sister's flowers business. It manages the sales aspects of the business (tickets, legal receipts, fidelity cards), as well as the accounting parts (invoices, taxes, balance sheets, etc.).With several adaptations over the years, it's still in use today.

    Be sure to know which legal rules (national and/or local) apply before starting to develop such a project. If necessary, see a lawyer or an accountant first.
    Have a nice day!

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