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    Unanswered: I can pull data at work with Access or SSRS. Which to use?

    To be honest, they seem very similar and I pretty much dont see the difference. Is one better than the other?

    My job is basically just pulling data and creating reports, billing files, etc off the data i pull. I do this every single day. So, if one way is significantly better than the other. Id like to know.


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    Learning and Mastering SSRS might be a good career move.
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    MS-Access is a great tool for a single user, and it can be adapted to a dozen users pretty well, and a hundred users if you have great skill and discipline.

    MS-SQL and SSRS is a bit cumbersome for a single user, but it will gleefully expand to several hundred and with a bit of skill it will support many thousands of users.

    Both products are good at what they are designed for, and there is considerable overlap and interoperability between them. Because of what my clients need, I consistently choose SQL Server and SSRS because those tools have the native "horsepower" to tackle any job I've ever seen.

    If I were you, I'd choose SSRS without a second thought. If you know both tools or don't know either tool, then SSRS is definitely the better choice. If you already know MS-Access and are sure that it has the capacity for what you need to accomplish, it might still be the better tool for your specific task.

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