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    Unanswered: College Course Planning & Scheduling Access Database

    I am looking to develop a database to assist me in creating course schedule for students at my college. I currently use an excel spreadsheet to assist and then complete the remaining tasks manually. I haven't created a SQL or Access database since my last MIS class in 2008 and could use some tips/advice.

    Each 'Student' (100+) has a list classes (Academic Plans) they need to complete for their 'Program of Study' (20-30). After updating each student's Academic Plan, I look at students that will graduate within the next 3 quarters to help determine which classes I should offer in the upcoming term. Many of the courses have pre-requisites, so even if a student needs a class they may not be able to take the class until they've met the pre-req.

    I'm not sure what the best approach would be regarding what Tables and Queries to create. And I totally forget how to utilize relationships within a database. That'll teach me for getting a degree in MIS and then working in higher education.

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    Start by drawing out the tables that you think you'll need. List the columns under each one, and then add the relationships. You might go through a couple of versions before you're happy.
    Then try building the tables in Access, and having a play to see what works and what doesn't. If you get stuck, you can always post a zipped version here with a note about what you're trying to achieve and what's not working.
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    Thank you! I'll get busy.

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