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    Unanswered: Print/Create Report from Subform


    I am an MS Access 2010 novice and helping put together a small database for inventory managemen. I have come across a small problem that despite several trawls through online forums I'm still stumped. Any 'steers in the right direction' would be most welcome...

    I have a plain form that I have added in a subform (table) to enable multiple entries to be made on the screen. What I would like to do is print the completed page (form and subform) which can then be passed to whoever took away the items.

    I understand that forms/subforms are not designed for printing but I cant figure out how to create a report without it creating the entire content of the datasheet and not just the subform content.



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    Why not create a report/subreport combination that use the same data sources as the form and subform? Then you can pass the form's key value to the report in the OpenArgs argument, and the report will print out what the form is displaying.
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    think you can save form layouts as a report
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