Hello everyone, my name is Christopher and I work with Astera Software. I want to share our product, Centerprise, a data integration product designed for data professionals engaged in complex data extractions and integration.

The biggest advantage of our product is that we put T in ETL like no other while keeping the user interface extremely friendly for a business user. Most of the ETL tools on the market do not focus on the most important aspect of ETL and that is the "T", or the Transform, of ETL. Although extraction and loading are very important, the transforming of the data from a legacy or unique system is important because it needs to respond properly with the language of the database where you are loading the information into. Most of the times complex transformations are required to make the structure and format of incoming data conforms to the destination.

(Centerprise Data Integrator 5.0)

*Also, I will be writing blogs(informative ones) on our website and on my own personal blog about data integration. I will keep everyone here posted without spam advertising. Thank you all for reading!