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    Unanswered: I know how to do everything in this book. Where to now?

    I am teaching myself sql. I can do everything in Sams learn sql in 10 minutes.

    What SQL book do i go with next and why?

    Or should i start learning VBA?

    Background: Im a business analyst who works in access, excel and occasional ssrs. However, I dont just want to learn for this job but overall career devolopment.

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    A lot depends on where you envision yourself going. There are too many variables (and WAY too much to learn) to give you a quick and simple answer without knowing a great deal more about you in general and your goals in specific.

    I wouldn't spend much time on VBA, unless you envision using that to automate the MS-Office tools. Even if you do, consider learning PowerShell instead, since I am pretty sure that it will become the macro language behind the next generation of MS-Office and it has already become the scripting tool of choice for use with SQL Server, SSRS, and their related tools.

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    Im a business analyst with an economics background.

    I envision myself staying a business analyst or moving to a financial analyst role. Honestly, I just want to learn the most marketable skill possible for either of these two positions.

    I guess i havent seen too many job postings with vba listed

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    Just curious but I was wondering what you thought of Ben Forta's 'Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes'? Did you find it easy to comprehend and execute all the way through? How were the chapters on JOINS / TRIGGERS / STORED PROCEDURES? Those are a mystery to me and something I would like to understand / practice from a DBA perspective.

    Thanks OP.

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