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    Unanswered: Issues with table level lock

    Hi all,

    In our db2v9.7 with fixpack 4

    Having issues with table level lock.

    Table with the name of TIS_LOC_LRS_LCLTY_RLTSHP.

    Able to select the records from the table, but the unable to update the records from the table.

    I checked the lock level:
    Lock Mode Object Type

    I forced the application 12074(l) for that agend id, but again I faced the same issues.

    How to release the lock?


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    I would try the following:
    1. Open up 2 command line sessions
    2. In the first session issue the update (should hang, waiting on lock)
    3. In the other session issue db2 list applications show detail
    4. Performa snapshot on the session(s) that are in lock-wait and find the agent that is holding the lock.
    5. Force the agent off that is holding the lock, this may need to be done a few times if there are multiple agents holding locks on the table.

    Good Luck!

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