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    Unanswered: Basic modeling / normalization question

    Hi everyone!

    Generically, I have this mysql relationship:


    Now, I need to link table_A to table_F.
    Is it right to link A to F (making a cycle) or I'll have to access table F throughout all the other tables?


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    Without more information there is no way of knowing how to get the relationships to work. If table A contains information that allows you to select the record from table F directly then you may not need to go through all the other tables. However, if the relationship must be through all the other tables then this is the only way of doing it.
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    table_E is 'car_stock'

    table_F contains all possible car classes: sedan, sport, SUV, ...

    table_A is rentals. which also needs to references to a car class (table_F).

    the thing is, here I made A-B-C-D-E-F, but actually it would be A to H

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