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    Unanswered: IP Address related questions

    High guys

    Hope you can help

    I need to open a url with the OPEN FILE/URL action similar to this

    username":"password@ - ignore the "" it makes smiley face on its own

    The problem is it will not open it because there is now www in front of the entire string or I just doing wrong as usual

    Please see screenshot

    Is there a workaround by any chance as we need to open a website and automatically fill the username and password in the controlpanel


    In the same form the second option is to ping the ip address and I have tried numerous VB scripts and actions.

    Even just using the ping command will not work.

    On the vbscript demo of BD it shows how you can actually get a result directly into BD but all the VB is getting broken that I try

    What makes matters worse there can be more than one IP address

    As I am a complete moron this baffles me.
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    I need to open a url with the OPEN FILE/URL action similar to this
    Looks to me like you just didn't add the http:// part.

    See attached image for example.

    Not sure I can help you on your second item, Pinging in IP. I don't code VB so I don't know squat as to what the problem is there. Sorry.

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