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    Unanswered: when sql statement was ran on database


    I am using DB2 V9.7 fp3 on linux box.
    Is there any way out to check the time when the sql statement ran on the database ?

    User connected to the database through Db2 client and ran some sql statements. I have those set of statements but wanna check that at which time those statement was ran. Is it possible to check it through any set of commands or utility ??

    Thanks in advance..!!

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    Unless you had a trace , you might be out of luck , some suggestions
    1) Check the routine MONREPORT.PKGCACHE to generate the Package Cache report
    2) Check the application , and see if any logs appears, same for any audit tables

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    Try using the admin view sysibmadm.snapstmt. There is a column with start_time and stop_Time.

    IBM DB2 9.7 for Linux, UNIX and Windows Information Center

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