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    Smile Unanswered: MYSQL JOINING Tables

    Im new to this Joining of tables and im trying to make a full join on my 2 tables;
    table teacher:ID,first_Name,MI,Last_Name
    table orders:Order_ID,items,amount.

    what im doing is:
    SELECT *
    FROM teacher
    FULL JOIN order
    ON teacher.ID = Orders.Order_ID
    ORDER BY First_name;

    and for some reason it's not working.. im getting >> Unknown column 'teacher.ID' in 'on clause'

    Hope u could check this out, i tried couple of syntax and it didn't work out..
    Thanks in advance guys.

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    Based on the error message, there isn't a column named ID in your teacher table or view.

    Please post the SQL statements that you used to create the teacher and the order objects, those will help us to help you quite a bit.

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    I thought that MySQL still doesn't support full [outer] join.

    If so, FULL in your query might be interpreted as the alias of teacher,
    and teacher.ID should be FULL.ID.

    full [outer] join could be simulated like in this thread...

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    I would like to thank you guys.. yeah MySQL doesn't support Full join query.. I made a research on it and it doesn't support it.. Thanks for the help..

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