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    Unanswered: complex trigger scenario


    I was wondering if this was possible with DB2 syntax. I think a trigger might do it, but this might be a little too complex.

    Before Insert:

    1) Check Size of Insert
    2) Check Number of Rows
    3) If size of insert exceeds some pre-determined value, delete rows ORDER BY something until size fits.
    4) If insert exceeds some row count size, delete first row of ORDER BY something
    5) Do Insert.

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    probably not
    why not using a stored proc

    or a script if o/s commands are needed..
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    Not the way you describe. You can only determine the "size of insert" (I take it you mean the number of inserted rows) in an AFTER trigger, at which point the rows are already inserted, so your options are limited to rolling back the entire statement or leaving the rows be.
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    thanks for the replies.

    would it be possible to have the trigger call a stored procedure?

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