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    Database table design for online cart

    Hello, I am new to database. I was assign to do a online shopping cart. Here is my database table design as attached. I was wondering how could I design the table so that I could get a monthly sales record to determine the best seller and increase the inventory spaces. Should I :

    1. Get the date of purchase to get the month. Then get the cart total price and NRIC to update the sales amount in my store needy resident table?

    2. Create another attribute called sales month & year to get the month. Then link to cart to check for payment status. Then update the store needy resident table.

    I am quite lost. So basically what I trying to create a monthly best seller system but I have no idea where to get the month. Is anybody kind enough to fix my database design?

    Thanks in advance
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    I have a Data Model on my Database Answers Web Site that you might find interesting :-
    e-Commerce Shopping Carts Data Model


    Barry Williams
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